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SRT Sim Racing Telemetry

designed for pro and casual sim racers

SRT lets every sim racer quickly acquire, analyze and review detailed telemetry data from sim racing games.

The system records all available telemetry data during timed laps and presents them on simple and intuitive interfaces: drivers can analyze data by looking at bare numbers, interactive charts or projected on a reconstructed track.

Sim Racing Telemetry is available on PC, Mac, iOS and Android. Data acquisition is supported from PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Mac.

SRT records, shares and compares

telemetry data for all sim racing sessions

Sim racers will always have a handy, precise and accurate history of their performances.

  • Game session view with per-lap information (position, timing, tyres compound, pit-lane status, etc.).
  • Laps comparison: compare the telemetry of two laps. All recorded parameters available. A “time difference” (TDiff) chart is shown to get evidence of faster/slower sections.
  • Statistics: compute mathematical statistics (min, max, arithmetic mean, standard deviation, ...) on telemetry parameters, over individual laps or a whole session.
  • Sharing: share your telemetries with other users and compare your laps with the ones from your friends. Used with the “comparison” feature, this is the best tool to improve your skills.
  • Exporting: save your telemetry data to CSV file, to analyze them with other programs (Excel, LibreOffice, etc.).

SRT interactive charts

for timely decisions

Major features include:

  • Interactive telemetry charts: select the parameters to plot, reorder them, zoom in/out.
  • Interactive tracks: see telemetry data plotted over a reconstructed track. You can overlay multiple parameters together.
  • Interactive slider to analyze and compare data at specific positions in the track.

SRT a cross-platform solution

for the sim racing eSports community

SRT is the right tool to improve the in-game performance of any sim racer, as real telemetry tools do for real drivers.

Telemetry is a key factor in eSports racing, allowing sim drivers to interpret data collected during a race or session and use them to properly tune their driving style and vehicle setup for optimum performance.